Meet Amber

cropped-me3.png Hi there, Amber here.

I consider myself a jack of all trades, but to the untrained eye I’m simply a stay-at-home soon-to-be mom.

I write. Almost as obsessively as I daydream.

I read to distract myself from writing.

I research (and blog) about self publishing and it’s many woes and few triumphs.

Someday I dream to be a prolific new adult spec fic author, but for now I’m content with the few victories in writing that come my way. Even if that means only getting 500 words done today on that manuscript or sharing an open dialogue with only ten other strangers. You’re my strangers. I value that.

Apart from the creative world, I am a former baker and lover of all things sweet. I am an unashamed nerd and still impatiently waiting for a good RPG to be released for Xbox One. I’m also a table top RPGer with a dreadful attachment to my many fandoms – which I’m sure will infiltrate this blog in good time.

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